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We see change as opportunity, not a threat and start with
the belief that there is a better way of doing great things.

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99property.com is the digital transformation, the global adoption of technology and a force with a far larger agenda than simply property portal. It’s no secret that the property buying, selling & renting process can sometimes feel like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. We asked ourselves, what if there was one place for people to search for homes, connect with an agent / landlord and get a dream deal? So 99property.com was created. We offer a seamless real estate experience became a reality.

To deliver on the promise of a seamless experience, we give clients the opportunity to search for their dream home and connect buyers, tenants & sellers with the best deals for their needs. We ensure to make the process of buying, selling or renting any property as smooth as possible for everyone. At the end of the day, we believe in giving every client the best possible experience.


Embracing the future - Every new medium is a fresh chance to tackle problems in new and exciting ways and we are always experimenting with new technologies and how we can use them to improve your experience. We are agile and adaptive. We go against tradition and embrace change and modernity. We have the guts to shake things up. Where other’s say ‘It won’t work’, we say ‘We’ll make it work’.

Virtual Excellence - We are currently implementing a customizable system to capture and recreate properties, both pre-existing and in development. The potential for this is almost limitless, allowing buyers to perform virtual tours of developments and existing homes from the other side of the world, and increasing the potential customer base of properties exponentially.


We’re a #PropTech Company - PropTech People helping Property People. Verified data powers everything we build, improve & innovate. We’re at our best when our technology paves the way to a seamless property buying or selling experience.

We’re a #Community Company - 99property is built by the people for the people. We’re proud for been part of real estate #PropTech revolution and been the 1st PropTech project in the country.

We’re a #Client-Focused Company - We’re driven to create products & services that enhance the property buying & selling process for everyone.

We’re #Growth-Hackers - Everyone knows basic ways of doing marketing. Whereas we use creative, low-cost strategies to acquire and retain customers and getting much higher ROI. We focus solely on strategies related to growing the business. We hypothesize, prioritize and test innovative growth strategies and analyze to see what's working.

And Our Culture is #Everything - Our culture encourages creativity, innovation, enthusiasm & passion. It’s what powers our business & is who we are more than what we do. #UberRealEstate


We see change as opportunity, not a threat and start with the belief that there is a better way of doing great things.

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